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The Republican Party of Stanislaus County is pleased to announce our Endorsements of the Republican Candidates and Measures on the November 6, 2018 ballot:

We highly recommend supporting them and voting for them!

Governor of California: Travis Allen

Lieutenant Governor of California: Dave Fennell

Attorney General of California: Steven Bailey

Board of Equalization District 1: Ted Gaines

US Congress District 10: Jeff Denham

CA Senate District 8: Andreas Borgeas

CA Senate District 12: Rob Poythress

CA Assembly District 12: Heath Flora

Stanislaus Superintendent of Schools: Shannon Sanford

Stanislaus District Attorney: Birgit Fladagar

Stanislaus Sheriff: Juan Alanis

Stanislaus Superior Court Judicial Office #2: Carrie Stephens

Stanislaus Board of Supervisors District 3: Terry Withrow

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