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It has come to the attention of the Stanislaus County Republican Central Committee that certain candidates for city elected office are falsely claiming to have our Committee’s endorsement for the November election.  Our committee will not announce its endorsements for the November 2018 election of city officer until after our September meeting.  At that time, those endorsements will appear on this web page.  Until that time, there are no Committee endorsements for any candidates for City offices. In endorsing candidates for local offices, the Committee takes into account many factors, including the candidate’s support for the United States Constitution and for President Trump.

The Republican Party of Stanislaus County is pleased to announce our Endorsements of the Republican Candidates and Measures on the November 6, 2018 ballot:

We highly recommend supporting them and voting for them!

Governor of California: John Cox

Attorney General of California: Steven Bailey

Board of Equalization District 1: Ted Gaines

US Congress District 10: Jeff Denham

CA Senate District 8: Andreas Borgeas

CA Senate District 12: Rob Poythress

CA Assembly District 12: Heath Flora

Stanislaus Superintendent of Schools: Shannon Sanford

Stanislaus District Attorney: Birgit Fladagar

Stanislaus Superior Court Judicial Office #2: Carrie Stephens

Stanislaus Board of Supervisors District 3: Terry Withrow

Stanislaus Board of Superviors District 4: Tom Berryhill

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