Media Narrative for Terrorist Acts

It goes without saying that those responsible for such attacks should be strongly condemned and prayers go out to all the victims of such attacks.

That being said, it is a travesty how the media covers such events and why they cover it that way. It seems as if there is a template dragged out or memorized by anchors across the self-loathing American Media the second that news breaks of any tragic attack or shooting.

The way this template reads is as follows:

- Breaking News: Terror and/or shooting
- Analysis: Why this is or could be a “rightwing” or “tea party”type extremist attack.
- Analysis: Why rightwingers should be marginalized or possibly incarcerated.

- Breaking News: Terrorist is an Islamic extremist OR liberal leaning medicated nut job.
- Analysis: It must have been a “lone wolf”.
- Analysis: We need to understand why this person was so angry/ what we did wrong.

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ICYMI: California High-Speed Rail Authority Files Lawsuit Against Citizens

In the San Jose Mercury News, the California High-Speed Rail Authority is filing a civil action suit against all residents who wish to pursue legal action to block bonds from being issued to fund the state’s billion high-speed rail project. Residents who fail to join this suit now would be barred from contesting this issue in the future.

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Republican Party of Stanislaus County Mission

* To encourage Republicans of Good Character in Stanislaus County to seek public offices at all levels.

* To support all Republican nominees for partisan office and to contribute funds, leadership, manpower and experience to their campaigns for elected office.

* To build and maintain countywide precinct and campaign organizations, and to provide a central headquarter for the campaign committees of all endorsed Republican nominees for office.

* To provide information necessary to help inform the general public about the Republican Party in general, the positions of the Party, and its candidates at the county, state, and national level.

* To broaden the scope of The Republican Party’s participation in Stanislaus County.

* To grow Republican participation in the political process throughout the community, to register Republican voters, and to get out Republican Voters in an election.

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