Mar 07 2016

Click Here to check out the current polls for the 2016 presidential election. Also please check out the Reuters rolling national weekly poll by clicking here and keep updated! Read More

Jan 25 2016

Gas tax increases were a major issue in last year’s Legislative session, and citizen energy consumers played a big role in letting Sacramento know gas taxes are already high enough.  Now, recent remarks by Governor Jerry Brown in his State of the State.. Read More

Dec 10 2015

Right now there is a proposed plan to change solar panels utility rules. PG&E, Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric, and the various other electric companies, in California, depending on that person’s location, pay that producer fo.. Read More

Nov 22 2015

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently announced plans to dedicate a portion of its hidden gas tax to saving the tropical rainforest. This is ironic because CARB’s own policies actually contribute to rainforest deforestation. The agency is a.. Read More

Mar 31 2013

* To encourage Republicans of Good Character in Stanislaus County to seek public offices at all levels. * To support all Republican nominees for partisan office and to contribute funds, leadership, manpower and experience to their campaigns for elected of.. Read More